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Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Preparations, Formulations

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Health Products, Nutritions

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Chinese Herbs, Herbal products,Herbal Extracts

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Medical Device, Hospital equipment,Surgical Dressing

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Business Scope and Service

  • Company business operations cover International Trading, Import and Export Agency, Regulatory compliant logistic service for pharmaceuticals and medical device.

  • Company main product lines include Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Medicines, Health Products, Chinese Herbs, Herbal Extracts, Medical Device, Surgical Dressing.

  • Under years of development, four of our major trademarks became brands icon among peers over the international market for product categories they embracing.

  • “SPIC”for APIs and Medicines

    “Polar Bear” for Health Products

    “Snowflake” for Surgical Dressings

    “Double Deer” for Chinese Herbs

    “HECOS” for Medical Device

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