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Based on a powerful support from local industrial force, the company used to be one of the prominent exporters for APIs in China in 1980s-1990s. Since new millennium Shanghai lost its manufacturing function for APIs due to the government deepen environment protection policy, we had to change our role from a local exporter to an exporting business agent serving for provincial APIs manufacturers countrywide. Currently we represent exporting products including Levodopa, Acetazolamide, Dimenhydrinate, etc. We are also interested in developing new chemical entity for pharmaceutical purpose with local competent manufacturers and research institute. Please query if you have any question and inquiry.

Medicines, Preparations, Formulations

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We are engaged in enhancing the accessibility of Chinese finish pharmaceutical products to the low-costing markets worldwide. Our exporting medicines in brand “SPIC”was widely welcomed in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Indian subcontinent. Our product segments includes antibiotics, vitamins, analgesic and antipyretic agent, in dosage forms of tablet, capsule, injection, cream, ointments, eye ointments, etc. Our mission is to supply affordable quality medicines to our customers.