Brief Introduction

Shanghai Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 with a registered capital of RMB56,650,000. The Company is a broad functional Import and Export enterprise, which operates international trade for medicines and health products, room- temperature drug warehousing, Import and Export agency.

The current company product-lines cover pharmaceutical ingredient, chemical intermediate, Chinese traditional and western medicine and formulation, herbal drug, health product, medical device, hospital equipment, surgical dressing. Trade marks including ‘SPIC’ for pharmaceuticals, ‘Snowflake’ for medical dressings, ‘Polar Bear’ for essential balm, ‘Double Deer’ for traditional Chinese herbal drugs, and ‘HECOS’ for health products and medical items, are among the well-known exports of the Company. The trade mark of ‘SPIC’ is recognized as ‘Brand Name in Import and Export Industry in Shanghai’ and “Shanghai Municipal Famous Brand“

Shanghai Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Ltd. has a number of medicine and medical instrument registered or filed in different parts of the world. The Company has acquired not only the ‘Business License’ for drugs, medical instruments and foods, but also the ‘Certificate of Good Supply Practice of Medicines and Medical Device’. The application of the overall quality management system (ISO) and the foreign trade business information management system, and room-temperature drug warehouse, has strongly assured the strength in the qualification for business operation of complete medicines as well as the expansion of the import and export businesses.

Shanghai Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co., Ltd. is so proud of our dedicated work team, who are highly knowledgeable, well-experienced, self-motivated and innovative, always ready to provide quality and complete commodities as well as ever-accomplished services to help win a good prestige for the company at the international market.

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